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Save money                               <br />

Save money

  • Get used to paying 0.00 EUR monthly fees for having a wallet that can hold IBAN accounts in 7 different currencies.

  • Send money Free & Instantly to contacts on iCard.

  • Never pay incoming transfer fees when funding your account - get your salary paid in or order any outgoing transfers directly from the app for 1.00 EUR.

  • Make & accept in-person payments with QR codes

Save time

  • Open an account from the comfort of your home, get fully verified by showing your ID in a 2-5 min video chat in the app and never visit a bank branch again.

  • Pay contactless with your Android phone or take cash out at ATMs with your free iCard Visa debit card, delivered to your door.

  • Send eGiftCards at the last moment or top-up pre-paid phones around Europe directly from your digital wallet.

Save space

Save space

  • Save space in your wallet by digitizing your barcoded loyalty cards to always get discounts or points when you shop at retailers.

  • You can stop carrying around cash, which takes space and could be easily lost.

  • Store all debit cards you have from banks or else in iCard and fund your wallet with them.

  • Get used to paying securely online with as many virtual debit cards as you need.

0.00 Euro/month

Payment account + Mobile payments + iCard Visa Debit card + 2 Virtual cards

iCard Gives You Freedom and Security

  • Get 2 free Virtual cards to stay protected when shopping online.

  • Freeze/unfreeze or delete a card if you lose it or if you use a virtual card for a 1-time subscription or payment.

  • Stay calm when shopping online your card payments are protected with 3D Secure.

iCard Gives You Freedom and Security
  • Pay with an Android phone, an NFC wearable or a contactless debit card - anywhere in the world Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

  • Choose iCard Messenger to chat with friends, colleagues, or anyone from the contact list in your phone - it is end-to-end encrypted.

  • Enjoy up to 50,000 EUR maximum monthly account balance which is better protected even than in a bank account.

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iCard Gives You Freedom and Security

What others say about iCard

What others say about iCard

Giacomo Romano

I quit my old bank for iCard and 0.00 EUR monthly fees and now pay with my phone everywhere.

What others say about iCard

Greta van Aldert
The Netherlands

I chose iCard to send money free and instantly to my daughter, who studies in the Netherlands.

Steve Wills

I send money to a lot of people. Now it costs me 1.00 EUR per bank transfer and I do it from my phone.

Beata Kowalski

I loved the 2 free virtual cards for online shopping and now have 20 of them in my wallet.

Evonne Allard

I decided to stay with iCard after testing the Starter plan. You guys packed this app with features - it’s awesome! Thanks

Herbert Meyer

I can say I am happy. I got an account approved in minutes and my debit