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  • 0.00 Euro/month

  • 0.00 Euro/year

  • Personal account
  • Mobile payments
  • Debit cards: iCard VISA & VISA Infinite
  • 2 free virtual cards: VISA & Mastercard

What is iCard?

What is iCard?

Save money

Free VISA debit card

with free postage or express courier delivery.

Free instant transfers

available between all iCard users.

IBAN accounts in 7 currencies

with no monthly and free incoming bank transfers.

International bank transfers

SEPA transfers – 1.00 EUR to send. SWIFT – competitive quote.

QR code payments

are free, instant and work anywhere you meet.

Save time

  • Open an account from your phone by showing your ID.
  • Pay contactless with your phone.
  • Take cash out of ATMs around the world with iCard Visa.
  • Send custom designed virtual and plastic GiftCards™.
  • Request and send instant transfers to anyone on iCard.
  • Top-up your prepaid mobile number or in-game credits.

Save space

  • Save space in your wallet by digitizing your barcoded loyalty cards to always get discounts or points when you shop at retailers.

  • You can stop carrying around cash, which takes space and could be easily lost.

  • Store all debit cards you have from banks or else in iCard and fund your wallet with them.

Save space

iCard Gives You Freedom and Security

  • Get 2 free Virtual cards to stay protected when shopping online.

  • Freeze/unfreeze or delete a card if you lose it or if you use a virtual card for a 1-time subscription or payment.

  • Stay calm when shopping online your card payments are protected with 3D Secure.

  • Pay with an Android phone, an NFC wearable or a contactless debit card - anywhere in the world Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

  • Choose iCard Messenger to chat with friends, colleagues, or anyone from the contact list in your phone - it is end-to-end encrypted.

  • Enjoy up to 50,000 EUR maximum monthly account balance which is better protected even than in a bank account.

What others say about iCard

What others say about iCard

Giacomo Romano

I quit my old bank for iCard and 0.00 EUR monthly fees and now pay with my phone everywhere.

What others say about iCard

Greta van Aldert
The Netherlands

I chose iCard to send money free and instantly to my daughter, who studies in the Netherlands.

Steve Wills

I send money to a lot of people. Now it costs me 1.00 EUR per bank transfer and I do it from my phone.

Beata Kowalski

I loved the 2 free virtual cards for online shopping and now have 20 of them in my wallet.

Evonne Allard

I decided to stay with iCard after testing the Starter plan. You guys packed this app with features - it’s awesome! Thanks

Herbert Meyer

I can say I am happy. I got an account approved in minutes and my debit

Enter the Future of Payments with iCard

Request a Google Play or Apple Store download link sent to your phone!