Send and Receive money instantly

  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Multi-currency
  • Secure and reliable
  • Cost effective
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iCard Mastercard Accepted Worldwide

Safe and secure solution better than carrying cash

  • Instant access to your e-money
  • Make purchase at stores and online
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide

...anywhere MasterCard is accepted

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iCard card for payouts or expenses

Real time info:

  • Control
  • Monitor
  • Manage

No overspending – customized limits for each card
Access to all transactions in real time
Reduce fraud risk with unique security controls

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Less worries, more time for you

  • Pay utility bills fast and easy anytime, anywhere
  • Make a single payment or add bills for future payments
  • Pay online or via smartphone
  • Get notifications when a new bill is due
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Cuztomized Global Payout Cards

  • Money transfers with few clicks
  • Shopping at stores and online
  • Money withdrawal
  • Utility bills payments
  • Top-up of mobile services
  • Convenient ways to load funds
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iCard Wallet at your service 24/7/365

Use your funds no matter the place or time

  • Instant money transfers to mobile phone or e-mail
  • Transfer or receive money from bank accounts
  • Withdraw cash at ATM with iCard card
  • Buy online or at Merchants accepting MasterCard
  • Pay utility bills
  • Accept payments with iCard Checkout
  • Secure online shopping with iCard Buyer Protection
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iCard Wallet - accessible anywhere anytime!

No need to be at certain place to manage your business finances

Using the iCard web platform allows you to

  • Money transfers in a few clicks Globally
  • Load money easily with credit/debit card or bank transfer
  • Keep track of your transactions as they occur
  • Monitor your iCard card
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Finalist of The Mobile Innovations Awards 2014

We are pleased to announce that our mobile application iCard has been shortlisted for The Mobile Innovations Awards 2014 in the following categories:

  • Best Mobile Wallet
  • Best Mobile mPOS Solution
  • Best Use of Mobile for P2P Payments
  • Most Innovative App for Payments
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Accept payments with

Join iCard Checkout. It's fast and easy.

  • Increase your sales and attract more clients
  • Merchant is paid instantly for all online purchases
  • Check and Use your funds immediately in virtual or physical world
  • No monthly or other minimum volumes required
  • Clear pricing, no hidden costs
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iCard Wallet- The best solution for your funds and payments!

  • Accept payments from all over the world
  • Transfer sums to any iCard account or bank account
  • Keep track of your balance online and with iCard Mobile
  • Always be in control with iCard Wallet security settings

Join Business iCard Wallet for FREE. No annual or maintenance fees.

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iCard Wallet – Security and fraud protection at the highest level!

Your data and money security is our top priority!

Fraud prevention systems and unique security controls for iCard card!

PCI DSS compliant solutions!

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Get GLOBUL iCard Wallet–
The innovative way for payments!

GLOBUL – one of the largest Mobile Network Operators presents GLOBUL iCard Wallet and GLOBUL iCard card Mastercard.

  • Payment in stores worldwide with your GLOBUL iCard Mastercard
  • Sending and receiving money via mobile phone or Personal Page
  • Payment of utility bills managed easily from mobile phone or online
  • Secure online payments with iCard Checkout or GLOBUL iCard card Mastercard Cash withdrawals worldwide
  • Great fees
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iCard mPOS
Accept credit/debit cards via smartphone

Convert your smarthone into a mobile POS. No need to buy old version, expensive and heavy POS.

  • No integration costs
  • No costs for support
  • No maintenance or annual fee
  • No bank account needed
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2 х Sony Xperia SP


2 X holiday in Greece

Making two or more transactions a week through a GLOBUL iCard Wallet, automatically enrolls you in for a lucky draw with various attractive prizes.

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iCard Wallet - PERFECT solution for payrolls

  • Significantly reduce payroll costs
  • Streamline payroll processes
  • Comply with maritime regulations
  • Protect employees and provide a convenient and flexible way to pay employees

iCard card

a safe and secure solution that is as convenient as carrying cash

  • Instant access to money in iCard Wallet
  • Make purchase at stores and online
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide
  • Advanced security with CHIP & PIN technology
    ...anywhere MasterCard® is accepted

Sell more with iCard

Accept credit cards, anywhere

Fair rates, no hidden costs

  • Fast Settlement
  • No monthly fees
  • Free iCard card
  • Secure and reliable
  • Ready to use
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Free iCard card

iCard Mobile

Protect your money with our unique

ActiveCard control functions

  • Instant security settings
  • Set up of custom limits
  • Transactions history
  • Notifications
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..At place


..In store

iCard Mobile Checkout

Accept card payments wherever your business takes you

Free wallet registration Instant money transfers Convenient wallet funding Transfers to bank accounts

Get your iCard Wallet for FREE

Everyone 18 years old and above can register for FREE online or in our offices.

No monthly or annual fees!

Low fees are charged for issuing of iCard card.

Easy and Fast registration:

  • No bank or payment account needed
  • No credit approval needed
  • Apply for iCard card.

Instant money transfers


Do you need to send money to a friend or family abroad or in your country?
Send money in different currencies fast and with few clicks.

To send money within iCard Wallet:

  • Enter only payee's:
    - mobile number,
    - e-mail or
    - iCard Wallet number
  • Select amount and currency
  • Click to confirm payment

Receive money in iCard Wallet:

  • Join iCard Wallet if you have not yet
  • Get paid in your iCard Wallet
  • Start shopping and paying
  • Get iCard Mastercard for cash
  • Manage your payments easily

Convenient wallet funding

Multiple options for loading money in your iCard Wallet

Via Bank Transfer

Money will be available in your account when the transfer from your bank is received, usually within 2-5 business days depending on your bank location.


  • Log in to your iCard Wallet page or your iCard Mobile.
  • Check iCard Account to which you have to transfer the sum by selecting the currency you want to transfer.
  • Transfer the sum from the bank account to the account number you copied. IMPORTANT: make sure to state your account number in the reference line of your bank transfer.

With Credit or Debit card

Store a Credit or Debit Card with the logo of Mastercard/VISA to your iCard Wallet.
Time for loading money: Instant


  • Store a Credit or debit card to your iCard Wallet from your personal page or via your iCard Mobile.
  • Select the stored card for funding money in your iCard Wallet.
  • Enter the amount and currency and confirm the funding operation.
You can also load your iCard Wallet in cash at our offices or at the offices of our Agents.

Transfers to bank accounts

Transfer your money to a bank account

Make fast and least expensive money transfers from your iCard wallet to domestic or international bank accounts.

iCard Wallet online platform at your convenience anywhere anytime, 24/7/365:

  • Transfer sums to domestic bank accounts
  • Transfer sums to bank accounts worldwide
  • SWIFT transfers of EEA currencies to EEA countries at great rates
  • SWIFT transfers in different currencies all over the world
  • Fast execution of payment orders, next business day at latest
  • Highest IT security of online platform for money transfers
  • Operate in several currencies
  • Get the currency you need to transfer fast and at best currency exchange rates
  • Add and manage multiple authorized users to operate with iCard Wallet
  • Keep track of your financial transactions as they occur
  • Monitor and manage payments and transfers to bank accounts
  • Set up your higher levels of security and notifications

iCard Wallet helps you save time and money, which you need to enjoy life and freedom.

Multi-currencies balances Utility bills payment Security at highest level Available 24/7/365
Multi-currencies balances

We support Balances in Multiple Currencies

Get your Multi-currency iCard Wallet

  • Add currency
  • Exchange
  • Transfer

Need to operate in several currencies?

  • Add different currency balance to your iCard Wallet at any time and FREE of charge.
  • Make and receive money transfers in different currencies.
  • Currency exchange rates are completely transparent and available online!
  • Make currency conversion 24/7/365 and with few clicks.
  • Check conversion rates before exchanging with the currency calculator on your page and in iCard Mobile.

If you receive money in a currency different from your current balances, we will open automatically and free of charge a new balance in the received currency.

If you wish to use or transfer currency that you do not currently have, exchange currency in your page or iCard Mobile fast and easy.

Our currency exchange rates are least expensive and available online!

Utility bills payment

Payment of utility bills is easy with iCard Wallet

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Pay bills FREE of charge and on time with few clicks no matter where you are
  • Make a single payment or add to "My Bills” for future reminders and payments
  • Pay bills simply from your personal webpage or mobile phone
  • Get reminders on due bills with e-mail or SMS

Security at highest level

Your data and money security is our top priority

Your data and money are protected with latest technologies available in the world for data encryption and tokenization, run on a specialized secure hardware platform.

An intrusion protection system protects 24/7 all our systems. This system monitors and protects against hackers or other intruders attacks and runs in parallel on dedicated servers in independent data centers , located at specialized premises with highest security and availability in Europe.

Your account and transactions are subject to constant and ongoing fraud protection monitoring in real time. You should also be vigilant about your own money and undertake the security measures recommended by us:

  • Set higher limits for your iCard Wallet via your personal web page or via your iCard Mobile
  • Control the security of your iCard card via web, iCard Mobile.
  • Download iCard Mobile for smartphones and use it for loading, instant money transfers and security control of iCard card.
  • Select to get SMS or e-mail notifications on transactions
  • Contact us immediately in case of lost or stolen iCard card or compromised username or password or unauthorized transaction

Available 24/7/365

iCard Wallet - at your convenience 24/7/365

Professional Contact Center helping you always!

  • Transfer and receive money 24/7/365
  • Pay utilities bills with one click anywhere, anytime
  • Use your iCard card anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Check your balance/transactions from your page or iCard Mobile
  • Call our Contact Center for offline check, questions or actions

iCard card iCard Mobile

iCard card Mastercard is accepted worldwide!

Recommended for safe purchases and cash withdrwals

Chip and PIN-based with more security than credit or debit cards.

Reloadable, with the logo of Card Organizations, used for payments on POS, Internet, and cash withdrawals.

Risks from fraud and unauthorized transactions are minimized.

  • Shop securely online and at Merchants
  • Instant cash withdrawals
  • No application or maintenance fees
  • Get SMS or e-mail for transactions

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iCard Mobile for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

Make your smartphone work for your money!

Download FREE iCard Mobile App and use to:

  • Send and receive money at any time to a mobile number
  • Disable/Enable iCard card
  • Exchange currency instantly at a great rate
  • Check balance/transactions

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