e-GiftCards for Every Occasion

Make everyone happy with an e-GiftCard! Send e-GiftCards directly from the iCard digital wallet!

What’s an e-GiftCard?

It is the perfect present for picky family and friends, for avoiding awkward situations, or handling last minute presents! It can be used to checkout anywhere online where Mastercard are accepted and for making contactless payments offline directly from a mobile phone. Surprise your loved ones with your unique design and personal message. Send them an e-GiftCard from the iCard digital wallet.

Easy to set. Instant to send! See how!

  • 1 Tap on “Send e-GiftCard”
  • 2 Create your design
  • 3 Enter the details
  • All set!
Features phone video frame

Don’t be another mess story!

Choose e-GiftCard from iCard instead!

And rest assured your loved ones will get exactly what they secretly wished for!

More about the iCard digital wallet

iCard is an affordable, secure and easy to use digital wallet that gives you the freedom of contactless mobile payments and much more! There is no installation or monthly maintenance fee, no minimum balance required either! Simply install on your phone, register, add money through your debit/credit card or bank transfer and start using it right away. e-GiftCards are just one of the great variety of cool features adding even more value to the iCard digital wallet. Install it today and enjoy the freedom!