Video Identification Explained

Upgrade to iCard Standard plan for free after a short video chat with an аgent

What You Get

  • Personal IBAN for domestic, SEPA and SWIFT bank transfers

  • Up to 20 Virtual iCards for safe online shopping and subscriptions

  • 50,000 EUR monthly account spending limit to answer all your payment needs

Before You Start

  • Have your phone with you – charged

  • Make sure you are in a quiet and well lit space

  • Make sure you are alone in the room and no one will disturb you during the conversation with the agent

  • Check if your internet connection is stable

  • Have your valid EU national ID or an International passport ready. Temporary EU residence permits are NOT accepted as a main identification document.

Useful Tip:

Before you start, check below what IDs we accept for your country. Make sure you select the country of your nationality.

During The Video Chat

  • 1

    Confirm your name, phone and the email address you used for registration

  • 2

    The agent will take a photo of you and both sides of your identity document

  • 3

    Check your phone for a new text message from iCard and tell the agent the four digit code from the SMS

Good to know:

The video chat will only last for 5 minutes or less!

Each session is limited and will be disconnected automatically after exactly 5 minutes. Normally it takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete the process. If for some technical or other reason, the chat could not be completed within the 5 minute mark you will need to call us again. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be possible to start where you left off.

After The Video Chat

Time to check your email

Once your identity is verified, you will be notified via push notification and email confirmation, normally on the same day.

In some cases we may ask you to send us additional documents such as “proof of address” document, a residence permit or an alternative ID. See why we may need those in the section below.

Additional Documents

We will ask you for “proof of address” documents

  • if the ID you used during the video chat does not have an address on it

What type of "proof of address" documents are acceptable:

  • Any utility bill with your name and address on it except a mobile phone bill. It needs to be no older than three months.

  • A bank statement with your name and address on it

We will ask you for “residence permit”

  • If your permanent government ID you showed us is issued outside of the EEA


You are currently living in France but you were born in Brazil. During the video chat with our agent you showed your Brazilian passport. You need to be an EEA resident to be able to use the iCard digital wallet. Therefore, we will ask you to send us a valid residence permit for an EEA country. In case that there is no address displayed on your residence permit, we will ask you to also send us a “proof of address” document.

We may ask you for an "alternative ID” in case that:

  • The ID you showed during the video chat is weared off and the information on it is not readable

  • Our agents noticed any discrepancies

  • Your ID will expire in less than 3 months

  • If your ID is not a biometric ID card

We will contact you with further instructions how to send us the required additional documents.