Send GiftCard™:
Gift Experience

Purchase a virtual or plastic Visa or Mastercard GiftCard™ directly from iCard digital wallet and surprise friends, family or colleagues wherever they are across 30+ European countries.

What is a GiftCard™?

A GiftCard™ is the alternative to both traditional presents and cash. A virtual eGiftCard is the perfect solution for last-minute occasions, while a plastic card takes more time to deliver but is tangible. Both are great for fanciful relatives too. Our GiftCard™ Visa or Mastercard branded cards can be loaded with an amount of your choice and can be used to buy anything – wherever in the world you are – online and on POS devices.

Choose to surprise the people close to you with a custom design GiftCard™ and start making wise presents easily via iCard Digital Wallet.

Digital and Physical Gift Cards

Discover our pre-paid and non-reloadable GiftCard™ variety.


  • Mastercard
  • 1.00 EUR to purchase
  • Instantly sent via SMS
  • Can be used for online shopping and subscriptions
  • Can be spent on POS with mobile payments (Not available for ATM use)
  • Works within iCard digital wallet only
  • Choose a pre-defined appearance or create your own design


  • VISA
  • 5.00 EUR to purchase
  • Free delivery by post (up to 10 days)*
  • Can be spent on POS at retailers or used for online shopping
  • Fits in iCard digital wallet or can be used independently
  • Customize the card or select a ready-made design

* Delivery time and courier fees may vary depending on the shipping address.

How to Activate a GiftCard™?

Virtual eGiftCard

A virtual eGiftCard needs to be accepted, after getting a notification in iCard Digital Wallet, before it becomes active.If you are not a user and receive an SMS announcing your new eGiftCard, you need to download iCard digital wallet and register a free account.

Plastic GiftCard

A plastic GiftCard™ should be activated before use. You have 2 options for activation: in the iCard mobile app or by SMS. Whichever method you choose, once you have successfully activated a GiftCard you will receive an SMS message with the card PIN code.

Activate in iCard

Download the app

Register a free account

Activate the card by entering the 16-digit number

Activate by SMS

Send an SMS to phone number +359 886 170 011

Type the 16-digit Visa card number in as the message

Easily Design &
Send GiftCards

Tap on “+” menu and select “GiftCard”

Select “Virtual” or “Plastic" and its design

Enter the receiver details

Send it

Gifting Insights

Did you know that around 2.5 million tons of returned merchandise ends up in the trash just for the Christmas season? A survey uncovers that nearly 30% of presents in the USA are usually returned to the retailer and the trend is pretty similar in Europe.

Don’t be part of this statistics! Get used to saving time and making quality gifts even if the person is far away.

Are There Any Additional
Fees Applied to GiftCards?

There is no service fee for the first 6 months upon the card purchase. After this period, a monthly service fee of 3.00 EUR is applied to the remaining balance.

Gifting an iCard GiftCard™ is Cool

It Means Gifting a Digital Wallet That Saves 100s of Euro/year

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