with Friends

Get a free, cool and extra
useful NFC Key Fob.

How to Get Your Free NFC Wearable?


Think of at least 2 people & invite them to iCard*. You have to login & use the “Invite friends” menu button.

* If you don’t have iCard yet - get it here.


Tell them all the cool things they can do with iCard and explain the easy onboarding and ID verification process.


Show your friends the different ways to fund their account with minimum 10 Euro each.

See your email for full details and to learn how to request your new NFC wearable.

You will get full instructions by email after registering for
the #KeepTapping with Friends program.

Live Easy When

… you exercise outdoors, run to the shop, at the beach,
with friends … or #KeepTapping wherever life takes you.

Who needs NFC Wearables

Will NFC Wearables Fit You?

Contactless payments are modern, secure and faster than cash!

iCard’s NFC wearables are perfect for people with iCard Digital Wallets who want even more freedom with the same level of security as contactless debit card payments.

At the same time you benefit from all that iCard Digital Wallet gives you - including no monthly fees, virtual & plastic debit cards, instant & free money transfers within a cool & secure messenger for friends & family … and more!

Choose iCard - a fully-regulated and licensed e-money company (Bulgarian National Bank license #4703-5081). You can trust iCard because, for 12 years, we’ve been constantly upgrading our e-money technologies to perfectly suit clients in 20+ European countries.

Get Your Free NFC Wearable

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Get your free NFC wearable

Ready to Get Your
Free NFC Key Fob?

You have to use the “Invite friends” menu button. Share iCard with 2 friends, help them install the digital wallet, verify ID and fund it with minimum 10 Euro each.

EURO is the currency of use with your new NFC Wearable. If you are successful, we will send your new NFC by courier.