NFC Wearables

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The freedom in movement!

iCard takes payments to another level with NFC wearables.Use a special watch, keychain or bracelet connected to your iCard digital wallet account and enjoy making contactless payments on the go. No more fumbling for your phone, cards or cash.

Different types of NFC Wearables

Is it right for you?

The NFC wearables are the perfect solution for anyone with a dynamic lifestyle. You no longer need to worry about losing your wallet on a busy concert or a music festival. Sports and outdoor activities become even more enjoyable and fun. No more stressing out about children losing their cash or cards.

NFC phone frame

Activation in seconds

Quick & easy use

World class security

Global acceptance

How it works?

Just like your contactless debit card. Make payments effortlessly in over 33 million Mastercard locations worldwide. Your NFC device will always use the balance in your iCard mobile wallet. Enjoy the freedom!

How do wearables work

Security Matters!

You can have a peace of mind and focus on the things that matter most. When using NFC wearables connected to your iCard wallet account you benefit from our world class security features.

A woman using NFC watch
  • Set your own spending limits

  • Freeze & unfreeze the device anytime you want

  • Never expose your account data and payment details

  • Protect your funds with multi-layer security of your wallet account