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iCard for Business saves you money & time with no monthly fee and 100% online account opening.

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Save Time, Save Money, Get Numerous Benefits

100% online account opening for companies incorporated in any EEA country

Unlimited iCard Business Visa Cards that are perfect to control employee and business expenses

Rich business banking experience with intuitive mobile app functionality

Free & Instant transfers with partners and contractors who are using iCard for Business - wherever in the world they are

No-fee inbound & a1.00 EUR outbound SEPA transfers and highly competitive international money transfers

Open payment accounts with unique IBANs to operate in 10+ currencies with no additional cost

Your Business Gets Even More

  • Get real-time balance notifications and control your business expenses with lock/unlock options for all company cards

  • Stay on top of your operations by delegating various account rights to different employees or your accountant

  • Payroll is included with your plan and is free and instant if your employees have iCard personal accounts

  • A mass payment is perfect for payout to multiple recipients like affiliate payouts or business bills - they can save you administrative costs, while minimizing errors

  • Up to 100,000 EUR monthly turnover limit for companies

  • Get better than expected money safety from iCard, which includes two-factor authentication

One Simple Monthly Fee

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  • Up to 50,000 EUR monthly turnover
  • Free Business Visa debit card
  • Delegate view only access to your accountant
  • Mass payments



  • 100,000 EUR monthly turnover
  • Unlimited Visa debit cards for company expenses
  • Delegate full account access to employees and accountants
  • Mass payouts and payroll

For Every Business
No Matter The Size

Established companies

You can save time & money on your business banking with a money account that is highly analytical, updated in real-time and easy to operate by employees and accountants.


Focus on starting your business and rely on iCard’s fully functional banking, competitive fees, remote account opening and management.


We know you are special. You have business-like money needs that require a remotely-managed account for global transfers in multiple currencies.

A New Perspective
on Money Safety

As an e-money institution, we keep your money in so called “segregated” bank accounts - separate from our company money. We do not invest nor give out loans with your money and it’s always available to you.

We take the worry off your shoulders so you can focus on the things that matter.

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What Other Businesses Say About iCard

What Other Businesses Say About iCard

Bruno van Jansen
Packaging business The Netherlands

I chose to send money free and instantly to our business partners throughout Europe. It was easy to convince most of them that iCard for Business is good for business.

What Other Businesses Say About iCard

Giancarlo Bianchi
Dairy producer Italy

As a business owner, I decided to quit dealing with my old bank because their payroll costs were insane compared to iCard for Business.

What Other Businesses Say About iCard

Matt Rogers
Designer England

I send and receive a lot of payments for my freelancer contracts. I enjoy how easy it is to order a payment and the instant notifications help me stay on top of my money.

What Other Businesses Say About iCard

Magda Balinski
Logistics company Poland

My boss was so happy that we can use 62 Business Visa Debit cards for all our delivery drivers’ expenses.

What Other Businesses Say About iCard

Elaine Dubois
Writer France

I was happy to first discover iCard personal wallet. Now you gave me iCard for Freelancers and I did not hesitate to open another account.

What Other Businesses Say About iCard

Stefan Fischer
Programmer Germany

I’ve been looking for easy and flexible banking for freelancers. I got an account opened and approved from the comfort of my home office and now I’m in control even more. Thank you iCard.

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