Free VISA debit card from iCard

Get your new contactless debit card delivered around Europe and use it worldwide.

  • 0.00 EUR/month

  • Free postal or express courier shipping

What is special about iCard VISA debit card?

iCard Digital Wallet makes sure you get a fast and convenient access to your funds at home or around the world. You can order a new iCard VISA debit card straight from the app and use it for ATM withdrawals, online and at contactless POS terminals in physical shops. 3D security (Verified by VISA) comes standard with this cool vertical design card to protect your online shopping and reservations.

iCard VISA debit is perfect for your international travels within and beyond the Euro zone. It is available in Euro (EUR), British pounds (GBP), American dollars (USD), Swiss francs (CHF), Romanian lei (RON), Bulgarian lev (BGN) and Croatian kuna (HRK). You can order more than one iCard VISA debit card and connect it do a different currency. This will help you budget for your travels more easily and avoid excessive foreign currency exchange and cash withdrawal fees.

Benefits of iCard VISA debit card

Total control via the app

with freeze, unfreeze and delete options

Easy online and retail payments

that make your life easier

No-PIN required

for contactless payments up to 50 EUR*

ATM cash withdrawals

anywhere in the world

Maximum security

of your money and personal information


with instant notifications & custom payment limits

* The limits for contactless payments without a PIN may differ slightly, depending on your country and currency of payment.

iCard VISA debit works with Apple Pay

Mobile payments are easy, innovative and give your money even more protection. Add iCard VISA debit card to your Apple wallet and start paying with your iPhone or Apple Watch at online and offline merchants. Enjoy Apple Pay day and night with iCard VISA debit.

Easy, convenient, and secure payments with Google Pay™️

Google Pay is one more easy and secure way to pay with your iCard Visa cards and Android devices. Use Google Pay at millions of places – on sites, in apps, and in stores. It brings together everything you need at checkout and protects your payment info with multiple layers of security.

How to order iCard VISA debit from your digital wallet?

Our mission is to make modern payments accessible. That’s why servicing your debit cards is free, along with the free option for delivery. You can order your first iCard VISA debit card after verifying your identity and getting a Standard plan account. Your first iCard VISA debit card is a gift from us. You can order up to 5 cards total. Every debit card after the first has a one-time order fee of 1.00 EUR. Here is how to get your iCard VISA:


Open iCard an tap the “+” button


Select “Plastic iCard” and tap “GET NEW CARD”


Follow the on-screen instructions

Done! Your new debit card is on the way.

phone video frame
  • First card ordered – 0.00EUR

  • Next card ordered - 1.00EUR

  • Express courier delivery - 10.00EUR

  • Monthly & yearly service fee - 0.00EUR

How to activate your new iCard VISA?

For security reasons, your debit card will not be active when you get it in your hands. Here is how to activate it:


Open iCard and find your iCard VISA on the home screen and tap on it


Enter the 16-digit card number and continue to the next step


You will get an SMS with your new PIN code

Done! Start using your new iCard VISA right away!

Discover freedom in payments with iCard VISA!

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